Radome Design and Fabrication

AdamWorks has been a pioneer in engineering high-performance radomes for over two decades and have delivered them to customers in and outside the US. AdamWorks treats each element of radome development as critical to its performance success. From design, RF analysis, bird strike, lightning strike, testing and coating types, and thicknesses, we ensure each client receives the best possible radome performance.  All radome design and manufacture considers:

  • RF Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Lightning Strike Protection
  • Bird Strike Requirements
  • Testing
  • Fiberglass and Quartz Construction, Multiple Materials, Foams and Cores
  • X, Ku, and Ka Band and other Frequencies

Utilizing our in-house RF analysis and composite structure manufacturing capabilities, AdamWorks will optimize your radome performance and provide as much certification support as needed to achieve a supplemental type certification (STC), if desired.

AdamWorks has built a reputation in producing state-or-the-art radomes and continues to do so. As a leader in the aerospace and defense industry, AdamWorks’ radome design and manufacture continues to be a major offering in our composite structures capabilities.